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1908-Rev. C. Bunker organized a Methodist Church in Belle Vernon Acres on Carlin Avenue.

1914-Six families in Lynwood area, Sunday School organized by Capt. Stowe, Mrs. O.D. Masters and Mrs. Edward Austin –28 children attended.

1915-Rev. C.S. Madden, pastor at Watts, organizes church for use of the Methodist Episcopal Church (on Beechwood, near Long Beach Boulevard).  Supply pastors, Rev. Alexander Hardie, A.D. Traveler, and E.O. Thayer

1916-Rev. J.H. Engle sent to Bellflower to transfer Methodist holding to the Presbyterians.

1917-January 26, Rev. Engle arrives at Lynwood.

1918-December 1, building dictated by Rev. W.C. McIntire, Pastor.

1919-F.B. Cowgill appointed pastor.

1921-J.P. Barker appointed pastor.

1925-F.M. Clark appointed pastor.

1927-W.W. Ralph appointed pastor. Board voted to launch a building program.

1928-Sunday School superintendent, A.E. Dietz

1929-Paul Huebner appointed pastor.

1930-Total cost of new building $42,199.76.

1933-March 10, earthquake left Social Hall leaning against the new church.

1935-March 10, “Save the Sanctuary” campaign launched.

1936-Rev. Edward D. Goodell appointed pastor. Pipe Organ purchased and dedicated on Mother’s Day, May 12, 1940.

1940-Elmer S. Anderson appointed pastor.

1941-Carl J. Allen appointed pastor.

1944-June 18, mortgage burning.

1945-James F. Roberts appointed pastor.

1947-February 1, Arthur Maynard appointed Minister of Education.

1948- September 15, Gertrude Wiley appointed Dir. of Youth.

1952-The old Social Hall dismantled. Quarterly Conference voted to move to a new location. Beechwood church sold to the Graham Church of the Nazarene for $70,000.

1953-J. Bernard Watson appointed  pastor. DeWane Zimmernman, associate assigned to assist Rev. Watson as Youth Director. Church congregation worships at Lynwood Academy of Seventh Day Adventist.

1954-September 12, Chapel at Carlin Avenue consecrated.

1958-59 Donald Spence, associate pastor. 

1960-March 20, ground breaking for new sanctuary-estimated cost $190,000. Sanctuary completed at Christmas time.

1960-62 Delbert Barnett, associate pastor. 

1961- Sanctuary consecrated April 23.

1963-Charles D. Clark appointed pastor.

1964-65 Cyrus Callahan, associate pastor.

1965-October 24 Mortgage burning.

1966-67 Kermit Seehawer, associate pastor.

1970-71 James L. Tom, associate pastor.

1977-Frank Argelander appointed pastor.

1981-David K. Corbin appointed pastor.

1984-86 Matthew Spruell, associate pastor.

1986-Louis A. Chase appointed pastor

1988-91 Richard Hagee, associate pastor.

1997-February, Roger Valasquez appointed interim pastor.

1997-July Rev. Regina L. Roberts appointed pastor.

2000- Narthex fire, Sanctuary smoke, water damage

2002-Modesto I. Díaz, Pastor of Hispanic Ministry 
        -Re-entry into sanctuary after fire and roof 

          restructured.  Had Rededication Celebration.

2006- Rev. Campbell, appointed pastor.

2006-2010 Rev. Tonya Harris appointed pastor

2010- Rev. Inge, appointed pastor.